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 Our Philosophy 

“Go beyond conventions and always give your best. Understand the needs and always offer the best possible solution. Taking care of every aspect of the work, as well as the needs of each client, without making exceptions. An artisan company is never the pursuit of profit at all costs, but by its nature, it is firmly linked to the passion of its professionals, who cannot help but put their heart and soul into everything they create".

Andrea Canziani


We work with the best technology on the market. Our products are made almost entirely in the company and for the processes that we do not carry out directly, we rely on collaborators present in the national territory, with proven experience and professionalism. We pay particular attention to guaranteeing assistance for each of our products.

 Services and prototyping 

In line with our philosophy, made up of professionalism, passion and attention to detail, in addition to the creation of our products, we carry out projects and prototyping works on behalf of third parties in the motorcycle and accessories sector. We offer complete consultancy in the management of the production cycle, from the early stages of the project (from the idea), to 2D and 3D design, to the creation of functional or demanding prototypes, to production plants. From the creation of single pieces, up to small/medium series production.

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