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“Go beyond convensions and do the utmost. Understand needs and always offer the best possible solution. Attention to detail in every creation step and care of every customer's request.

An artisan company never corresponds to the mere pursuit of profit, as it is naturally bound to the passion of its experts, which work is a creation of heart and soul”.

Andrea Canziani



We make use of the highest and most reliable technology. Our products are entirely designed and produced in our workshop in Caronno Varesino (Northern Italy). Every single component of our bikes comes from the most professional national production, in order to grant top-quality items.

We pay particular attention to give quick and effecient after sales service, as we want our customers to be completely satisfied with our products.


In addition to our own production, we offer technical advise to third parties in the field of motorbikes and their accessories. Our assistance starts from 2D or 3D design up to prototyping and manufacturing equipment.

Our prototypes can be manufactured in single units, as well as in small or medium productions.

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